Below are the rules and regulations. By submitting the registration form, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all of the rules below.
Waiver and Show Rules
1. Any table cancellations made three weeks prior to show will not be eligible for refund or rollover unless tables can be sold.
2. Deposits must be made to hold table locations. NO REFUNDS!
3. Tables must be paid in full two weeks prior to show or tables will be sold.
4. Table fees have increased to $80 effective for the August 2016 show.
5. ALL GUNS must be unloaded and tied to render them unarmed, NO EXCEPTIONS! This includes long guns and guns in glass cases. This must be done by the time we open to the public. Always have extra ties to put on purchased guns or ones that have been removed to show customers. Recheck all guns periodically to ensure that all are tied. Gun ties are available at the registration desk for a small fee.
6. Always point guns toward the ceiling-never allow guns to be pointed towards someone. NO DRY FIRING AT ANY TIME!
7. IF you have a weapon discharge at your table you will be immediately evicted without benefit or refund and barred from all future Greensboro Gun Show events. The table holder is responsible for the actions of his employees.
8. All guns are checked and tied for safety before entering the exhibition building with customers. If an exhibitor purchases or inspects any gun and removes and removes tie, it must be retied before returning firearm to customer or table.
9. No loose ammo allowed on tables. All ammo must be boxed or covered for safety.
10. Due to state and Local fire codes the sale or display of primers, smokeless powder and black powder substitutes are very limited. Venders must have prior approval to display any of the above in the building.
11. No changes in the physical arrangement of tables as set up without approval of promoters. Displaying of obscene or offensive material will not be tolerated and could result in vendor dismissal.
12. Dealers are required to obey all State and Federal laws.
14. All guns, including exhibitor's personal guns, must be unloaded and kept unloaded before entering the building. NO EXCEPTIONS!
15. We have 24 hour security, but it is your responsibility to watch your merchandise from the time exhibitors enter the building until the show closes. Show management is not responsible for merchandise stolen from tables/exhibition hall.
16. Set up hours are on Friday from 9am-7pm. Show hours are 9a-5p on Saturday and 9a-4p on Sunday. All vendors need to be set up and ready for the public no later than 8:30am. Under no circumstances should any vendor close or shut down a table before the show ends.